Let me introduce myself: I’m Maria Giulia and I’m a computer scientist.

Pursuing my interest in machine learning I recently obtained my master’s degree while working as an R&D engineer. On the lookout for side projects, I can’t wait to get my hands dirty ranging among machine learning and computer vision.

Maria Giulia is my name, taking notes is my game.

I’ve been taking notes throughout my whole life, trying to set concepts, grasp thoughts, and enrich my knowledge.
It’s somehow reassuring to know you’re building a sort of personal archive to which you can return.
Writing something down in a clear structured way is helpful in the short term to better understand what you’re dealing with, not to mention that your future self will be truly grateful
So, this is why I’m now starting this blog: as a scalable notebook about both computer science and me, as you can guess. 

Just a note: since I’m working on refining my written English my posts won’t be written in Italian, even though it’s my mother tongue. 

Hoping to get better and better, I welcome you to my idea binder.